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Hong Kong Library Association Biennial Award 2018

This award was established by the Hong Kong Library Association in 2010. The Association is committed to provide comprehensive professional support to its members. This Award is hence set up to address the professional development needs of eligible Full Members of the Association who are practicing at paraprofessional to middle professional levels in the library and information fields. Through this Award, the Association will support the professional development of the awardees, such as conference or workshop attendances, overseas professional visits, preparation of a scholarly publication or any professional activities, etc., which are otherwise unlikely to be sponsored by their employers, nor by the other scholarships or awards currently offered by the Association. Details of the Award can be found from the HKLA website at,english/

Application form of the Award is available at

Deadline for application will be announced in 2018. For enquiries, please contact the Ms Helen Chan, Education and Training Officer, The Hong Kong Library Association, by phone: 2346-1033; email: 這個email住址已經被防垃圾郵件程式保護,你需要啟動Javascript才能觀看 . Additional materials in support of an application can accompany the application form. Please note that each applicant can only apply for one HKLA scholarship or award within the same year.

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1.    鼓勵製訂相關政策,以推動本港圖書館及資訊服務,其中包括就此類服務提供指引及標準。
2.    作為圖書館及資訊工作的聯絡平台,並作為本港、內地以及其他地區的交流及溝通網絡。
3.    維繫及代表本港所有圖書館及資訊工作從業員,並維護業界的權益。
4.    推動本港圖書館及資訊工作的專業教育和培訓。

上世紀50年代,香港剛從一連串漫長的戰火中漸漸恢復過來,圖書館行業整體來說算不上怎麼發達。1958年年初,香港大學圖書館館長施高德夫人(Mrs. Dorothea Scott)與一群熱心的本地圖書館從業員認為若果需要長遠整合香港的圖書館服務、推動本地圖書館專業的發展、提升圖書館專業地位以及圖書館從業員的質素,便有需要成立一個相關的組織,去維繫不同崗位的圖書館從業員以及整體規劃這個專業的未來發展方向。4月3日,在施高德夫人的召集下,超過40位來自本地不同圖書館、文化及教育機構的代表在香港大學馮平山圖書館議決成立「香港圖書館協會」。9月11日,協會召開了成立大會,施高德夫人成為第一任協會主席,會上也通過了協會會章以及選出了第一屆理事會。協會的成立,成為了香港圖書館專業發展史上的一個里程碑。




聯繫機構 IFLA

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Position of the Hong Kong Library Association on Public Lending Right

In light of the recent interest in Hong Kong society on the issue of Public Lending Right (PLR), the Hong Kong Library Association (HKLA) has prepared the following position statement on the PLR issue:


  1. The HKLA Code of Ethics states that it "is a fundamental principle that the primary duty of library and information personnel is to facilitate access to information to meet the requirements of their users."
  2. The Code further states that library and information personnel shall "protect and promote the rights of every user to have unhindered and equal access to information".
  3. The International Federation of Library Associations and Institutions (IFLA) states in its 2005 Position on Public Lending Right that "Public lending is essential to culture and education and should be freely available to all. It is in the public interest that lending not be restricted by legislation or by contractual provisions such as licensing." As a Member of IFLA, the HKLA is in general agreement with this position.
  4. The 1994 IFLA/UNESCO Public Library Manifesto states that "The public library shall in principle be free of charge".
  5. In the Hong Kong Bill of Rights, it is stipulated that every permanent resident shall have the right "to have access, on general terms of equality, to public service in Hong Kong."
  6. In accordance with the preceding principles of the library and information profession and with the more general principles of equality, the HKLA is concerned that the establishment of PLR may threaten free access to the services of public libraries, which the Association considers to be a fundamental right of all citizens.
  7. The HKLA notes that PLR is far from universally established in the international context, with no PLR systems in the United States, South America, Asia, or Africa. The HKLA encourages Hong Kong society to fully debate the issues and reflect upon the benefits and drawbacks of PLR.
  8. In the event that a PLR system is introduced in Hong Kong, it is vital that the financial and administrative support for PLR does not come from library budgets, but from the Government as a form of cultural support. In line with the IFLA position, the HKLA advocates that the introduction of PLR should not result in any cost for access or deterioration of service for users of publicly accessible libraries.
July 2014


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