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A one-time award of HK$ 5,000



CLOSING DATE: 10th October, 2017 (Tue.)

Please access the HKLA website for more information.,english/

Download application form:


Hong Kong Library Association Biennial Award 2018

This award was established by the Hong Kong Library Association in 2010. The Association is committed to provide comprehensive professional support to its members. This Award is hence set up to address the professional development needs of eligible Full Members of the Association who are practicing at paraprofessional to middle professional levels in the library and information fields. Through this Award, the Association will support the professional development of the awardees, such as conference or workshop attendances, overseas professional visits, preparation of a scholarly publication or any professional activities, etc., which are otherwise unlikely to be sponsored by their employers, nor by the other scholarships or awards currently offered by the Association. Details of the Award can be found from the HKLA website at,english/

Application form of the Award is available at

Deadline for application will be announced in 2018. For enquiries, please contact the Ms Helen Chan, Education and Training Officer, The Hong Kong Library Association, by phone: 2346-1033; email: 這個email住址已經被防垃圾郵件程式保護,你需要啟動Javascript才能觀看 . Additional materials in support of an application can accompany the application form. Please note that each applicant can only apply for one HKLA scholarship or award within the same year.

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時間 標題 點擊
12-06-2017 Hong Kong Library Education & Career Forum 2017 1258
10-02-2017 DESIGN THINKING - Creative Interdisciplinary Methodology for Change Management 1218
11-07-2016 Libraries at the Crossroads Tracking Digital Footprint 2310
19-06-2016 Hong Kong Library Education & Career Forum 2016 2666
29-03-2016 Geeks, Games and Gadgets - Innovative Services and the Transformation of Space 2386
07-12-2015 Advocacy and lobbying for libraries - an important task for library staff 2960
02-12-2015 Advocacy and lobbying for libraries - an important task for library staff 2381
26-10-2015 School of Information Studies Charles Sturt University annual HK visit 3285
13-07-2015 Hong Kong Library Education & Career Forum 2015 4665
04-06-2015 Measurement and evaluation of web-based library services current trends and perspectives 3075
26-02-2015 The Third Sino-American Academic Library Forum for Cooperation and Development 4909
24-10-2014 "Big Data": Is there a role for the LIS Profession? 4058
06-08-2014 Conference on Cooperative Development and Sharing of Chinese Resources (CCDSCR) 4352
17-06-2014 Designing Good Library Space to Promote Information Literacy 5390
11-06-2014 Hong Kong Library Education & Career Forum 2014 7970
07-04-2014 Treasures of the National Library of Scotland 4759
13-01-2014 Always One Step Ahead! 4408
15-10-2013 M-Libraries: From devices to people 5260
27-09-2013 Public Libraries as Network Agencies for Culture and Education 5621
20-07-2013 Hong Kong Library Education & Career Forum 2013 9484
11-07-2013 2013 International Seminar on Chinese Digital Publishing and Digital Library 5634
24-06-2013 Multicultural library services of the Public Library of Frankfurt 5269
11-04-2013 2013 EBSCO User Conference: The Value of E-Resources in the Cloud Era 6652
26-02-2013 Academic Librarian 3: The Yin-Yang of Future Consortial Collaboration and Competition 6258
03-09-2012 OCLC Asia Pacific Regional Council Membership Conference 7326
28-07-2012 Hong Kong Library Education & Career Forum 2012 10384
12-07-2012 Community engagement - library outreach in the 21st century 7199
25-06-2012 2012 International Seminar on Chinese Digital Publishing and Digital Library 7074
18-06-2012 Read, learn, live - Connecting People 6934
08-06-2012 Libraries and Multimedia Technology: Future Trends & Applications in Higher Education 8381
16-05-2012 The 5th International Conference of Institutes and Libraries for Chinese Overseas Studies 12095
08-05-2012 Academic Libraries in the Era of Globalization 6508
13-03-2012 Content is king - Context is Queen 7615
07-03-2012 Libraries - Now More Than Ever 6586
07-11-2011 Challenges and opportunities for librarians and scholars in the new digital era 6319
28-09-2011 A Dialogue Between IT and Records Management Professionals 6974
23-09-2011 Asia Pacific Leadership Program Fellowships 7378
28-08-2011 2011 International Seminar on Digital Publishing and Digital Libraries 8931
18-08-2011 Library Science and Knowledge Technologies: Bringing together two great communities 6829
30-07-2011 Hong Kong Library Education & Career Forum 2011 11578
20-07-2011 Facing Challenges and Changing Needs of our Times: New role of Library 7305
09-06-2011 Transforming Archives in the Digital Age 7898
04-06-2011 The Role of Archives in Strengthening Democracy 7562
26-05-2011 Signage Design and Helping Users to Find Their Way in Libraries 8349
07-05-2011 Archives Don't Lie, You Do! (Seeking Truth Through Archives) 8323
14-04-2011 Libraries for Tomorrow Seminar 2011 8982
29-03-2011 Evolving Physical Environments in Libraries 8951
22-02-2011 IFLA RSCAO & HKLA Joint Seminar 11215
17-01-2011 Online Information Asia-Pacific 7765
11-01-2011 International Conference on Digital Library Management (ICDLM) 10122
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