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Hong Kong Library Association Biennial Award 2018

This award was established by the Hong Kong Library Association in 2010. The Association is committed to provide comprehensive professional support to its members. This Award is hence set up to address the professional development needs of eligible Full Members of the Association who are practicing at paraprofessional to middle professional levels in the library and information fields. Through this Award, the Association will support the professional development of the awardees, such as conference or workshop attendances, overseas professional visits, preparation of a scholarly publication or any professional activities, etc., which are otherwise unlikely to be sponsored by their employers, nor by the other scholarships or awards currently offered by the Association. Details of the Award can be found from the HKLA website at,english/

Application form of the Award is available at

Deadline for application will be announced in 2018. For enquiries, please contact the Ms Helen Chan, Education and Training Officer, The Hong Kong Library Association, by phone: 2346-1033; email: This e-mail address is being protected from spam bots, you need JavaScript enabled to view it . Additional materials in support of an application can accompany the application form. Please note that each applicant can only apply for one HKLA scholarship or award within the same year.

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The 5th International Conference of Institutes and Libraries for Chinese Overseas Studies Print E-mail
The 5th International Conference of Institutes and Libraries
for Chinese Overseas Studies
Chinese through the Americas

University of British Columbia
Vancouver, B.C., Canada
May 16-19, 2012
University of British Columbia's Asian Library is pleased to announce that, in cooperation with the Ohio University Libraries, it will host the 5th WCILCOS International Conference of Institutes and Libraries for
Chinese Overseas Studies on Chinese through the Americas. The event will be held May 16th to 19th, 2012 at the University of British Columbia (Point Grey Campus) in Vancouver, Canada.

It is fitting that Vancouver, Canada will be the venue for the 5th WCILCOS conference as this beautiful city has been a hub of transnational flows of Chinese migrants since the 18th century. As the host institution, the UBC Asian Library is prestigiously placed and equipped to orchestrate the upcoming conference. The return of the WCILCOS Conference to North America also serves to recognize the rapid expansion of Chinese overseas studies and its related fields in the region. As with previous WCILCOS conferences, the organizers hope to utilize this event to promote the nexus between research and documentation on Chinese overseas studies and to facilitate greater interaction between scholars and librarians around the world.

The conference now seeks roundtable, panel and paper proposals as well as poster presentations revolving around, but not limited to, the following topics:
- New Patterns of Migration
- Chinese Overseas Heritage Treasures: Transnational Discovery & Delivery
- Comparative Studies of Chinatowns in Asia, Europe, Australia and the Americas
- Overseas Chinese Rare Collections
- Emerging Communities and Descendants of Pioneers
- Ethnic Relations
- Identity Issues, Values and Culture
- Organizations, Documentations, Archives and Networks
- Immigration and Emigration Policies
- Chinese Overseas Literature
Proposals are welcome from academics, librarians, graduate students and undergraduate students. Continuing with the WCILCOS tradition, the conference will accept papers in both English and Chinese. For individual papers/ posters please submit a 300-500 word abstract, a 150 word personal bio and a CV of no more than 2 pages. Abstracts should include a phone number and email address. For panel presentations, please submit a panel abstract of 450 words or less, along with the names and paper titles of each presenter, contact information [phone and email] for the primary contact person, and a CV of no more than 2 pages for each presenter. Panels should include 3-4 presenters. We will provide moderators for each panel session.
Please email the abstract and proposal to This e-mail address is being protected from spam bots, you need JavaScript enabled to view it . All abstracts, bio and CV should be sent in one single attachment in either Microsoft Word document (.doc or .docx) or Rich Text File (.rtf) format. Name the attachment with your last name and the words "paper proposal" (for individual paper) or the panel organizer's last name and the words "panel proposal" (for panel presentation). The text should be prepared on letter/A4 size paper (8.5"x11"), single-spaced, and in 12-point font.
Important Deadlines:
Abstract Submission - September 15, 2011
Acceptance Notification - November 15, 2011
Final Paper Submission - February 15, 2012

For current information on the conference, please visit

5th WCILCOS Organizing Committee

Planning activities will be guided by an organizing committee of library and academic leaders from educational, research and cultural institutes as well as university and public libraries. A UBC workgroup including Eleanor Yuen, Denise Fong, Lilly Li and Phoebe Chow will oversee the organization and launch of the event.
     FERRIER, Jeffrey, Curator, Centre for International Collections, Ohio University Libraries
     YUEN, Eleanor, Head, Asian Library, University of British Columbia

Organizing Committee Members:
     FONG, Denise, Project Manager, Chinese Canadian Stories - A UBC-SFU Project
     HU-DEHART, Evelyn, Professor of History and Ethnic Studies, Brown University
     KO, Angela, Assistant Fung Ping Shan Librarian, University of Hong Kong Libraries
     LEE, Hwa-Wei, Former Chief, Asian Division, Library of Congress
     LEONG, Jack Hang-Tat, Director, Richard Charles Lee Canada-Hong Kong Library, University of
         Toronto Libraries
     SEAMAN, Scott, Dean, Ohio University Libraries
     XU Yun, Director, Associate Professor Librarian, Department of Overseas Chinese Documents Studies,
         Jinan University Library
     YU, Henry, Associate Professor, Department of History and Principal Pro tem, St. John's College,
         University of British Columbia / Project Lead, Chinese Canadian Stories - A UBC-SFU Project
     ZHANG, Xiuming, Senior Editor, Chinese Institute for Overseas Chinese History Studies and Chief
         Editor of Overseas Chinese History Studies
     ZHENG, Liren, Curator, Charles W. Wason Collection on East Asia, Cornell University Library
     ZHUANG Guotu, Dean, Faculty of International Relations & Research School of SE Asian Studies,
         Xiamen University
     Denise Fong, CHPR Project Manager - Conference Manager
     Phoebe Chow, UBC Asian Library - Coordinator
     Lilly Li, CHRP Librarian, UBC Library - Database Manager & Chinese-language Liaison

加拿大 温哥华 卑诗大学



   - 移民的新模式
   - 海外华人文献珍宝:国际间检索及传输
   - 欧美澳亚中国城的比较研究
   - 海外华人希珍资料的收集
   - 华社发展和华裔研究
   - 族裔关系
   - 文化、价值观和认同问题
   - 组织、文件、档案、网络
   - 移民政策
   - 海外华人文学
   - 其它

我们诚挚欢迎学者丶图书馆员丶研究生和本科生提交会议论文摘要,或申请组织专题组和圆桌会议。依惯例,会议论文可以中英文书写。论文摘要以300 至500 字为宜,内含作者联络话和电邮地址。此外,作者需提交不超过150 字的自传和两页的个人学习工作简历。专题申请则不超过450 字,同时应附有专题小组参与者的姓名、论文题目和不超过两页的自传历,以及专题组主要联络人的电话和电邮地址。每个专题组应有3‐4 人,会议将委派专题组的主持人。

论文摘要和专题组申请需以电邮 This e-mail address is being protected from spam bots, you need JavaScript enabled to view it 递交。论文摘要和自传简历必须在同一附件内,并以:"作者姓氏 + Paper Proposal"(个人) 或 "申请者姓氏 + Panel Presentation"(专题)为附件标题。文件请以微软Word (.doc 或 .docx) 或Rich Text File (.rtf) 存档,格式为12 号体,单行排列和A4 号 (8.5" x 11") 纸型。

论文摘要和专题组申请截止期为2011 年9 月15 日;会议接受论文或专题组申请的通知日期为2011 年11 月15 日;论文全文上交截止期为2012 年2 月15 日。有关会议的最新信息请看


美国俄亥俄大学图书馆国际收藏部主任 Jeffrey Ferrier
加拿大卑诗大学亚洲图书馆馆长 袁家瑜

加拿大卑诗大学及西门菲沙大学加华纪事项目经理 方静怡
美国布朗大学历史及族裔系教授 胡其瑜 (Evelyn Hu‐DeHart)
香港大学冯平山图书馆副馆长 高玉华
美国国会图书馆亚洲部前主任 李华伟
加拿大多伦多大学利铭泽典宬馆长 梁恒达
美国俄亥俄大学图书馆馆长 Scott Seaman
中国暨南大学图书馆华侨华人文献信息中心主任 徐云
加拿大卑诗大学历史系副教授及圣约翰学院院长 / 加华纪事项目主管 余全毅
中国华侨华人历史研究所编审/《华侨华人历史研究》杂志主编 张秀明
美国康奈尔大学东亚图书馆馆长 郑力人
中国厦门大学国际关系学院及南洋研究院院长 庄国土

会议经理 方静怡
会议数据库管理及中文联络 (卑诗大学加华纪事图书馆员) 李玉
会议统筹 (加拿大卑诗大学亚洲图书馆助理) 邹崇乐
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